CageSense Tilt/Depth Sensor

Wireless tilt/depth sensor for the CageSense system.

CageSense presentation

In addition to this sensor, you need the following components for a complete CageSense system:

Battery lifetime

24 months*


Wireless Qi


1 km**



    This combination does not exist.

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    SKU: WL-21031-2
    Technical specifications
    Device diameter 59 mm
    Device weight (air) 845 g
    Device weight (submerged) 325 g
    Depth rating 300 m

    POM (Housing, Eyelet)
    PEEK (Acoustic head)
    316L Stainless Steel (Pressure sensor)

    Operating temperature 0°C - 40°C
    Device length 234 mm
    Electrical / Interface
    Power consumption

    230 µW (sleep)
    0.78 mWs/measurement
    2.61 Ws/data transmission


    Acoustic (data transmission)
    Bluetooth (configuration)

    Protocols Serial UART over Bluetooth
    Battery size 10.4 Ah
    Battery lifetime

    Up to 2 years (depending on measurement and sending scheme)

    Charging Wireless Qi
    Charging power 5 W
    Charging time 10 h (0% - 100%)
    Acoustic / Performance
    Transducer frequency 58.6 kHz
    Transmit bandwidth 7.8 kHz
    Transmit power < 1 W
    Transducer directivity Near omnidirectional
    Range 1 km (depending on line of sight to receiver)
    Integrated probes

    Accelerometer (tilt)
    Pressure sensor (depth)


    Tilt: ±1°
    Depth: ±20 cm

    Measurement range

    Tilt: –90° - 90°
    Depth: 0 m - 170 m

    Long term drift

    Tilt: ±1°
    Depth: ±0.5 m (not adjusted for atmospheric pressure)
                ±0.2 m (adjusted for  atmospheric pressure)

    RoHS compliant Yes
    CE Yes

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