The Antenna makes deployment of the Underwater GPS G2 baseline fast and easy.

It contains 4 acoustic receivers which are held accurately in place by the antenna structure. This creates a perfect receiver baseline for the Underwater GPS system without the need to measure distances for each receiver separately.

The construction is based on a foldable aluminum tube system which makes the Antenna easily portable when folded.

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    SKU: WL-21027-1
    Technical specifications
    Device weight (air) 1900 grams
    Depth rating 300 meters

    Aluminum 6060-T6 (Tubes)
    PEEK (Transducers)
    POM (Joint spacer)

    Operating temperature -10 to 60 °C
    External dimentions (folded) 54 x 12.5 x 14.5 cm
    External dimentions (expanded) 151 x 98 x 53.5 cm
    Mounting method

    Antenna: RAM-235U   URL
    Arm: RAM-201U   URL
    Base: RAM-202U   URL

    The three above components are included with all antennas. You can expand your mounting options by purchasing additional components from RAM Mounts "C-Size" catalogue   URL

    Electrical / Interface
    Max cable length

    10 meter with Binder 770 series connector URL

    (Cable length cannot be extended)

    Acoustic / Performance
    Transducer frequency 31.25-250 kHz
    Transducer setup Triangle, 98 x 49 cm
    Transducer directivity Omnidirectional, 360 degrees
    Transducers 4x
    CE Yes

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